IBM has released a crypto anchor verifier anchored to Blockchain that enables users to prove the identity and authenticity of objects in real-time.

The verifier uses artificial intelligence software and is powered by an attachable smartphone lens capable of rendering objects as small as a micron to identify imperfections and impurities.

In a statement released by IBM, the company said it had chosen to merge the verifier to Blockchain to prevent the optical signature of items being tampered with once scanned and recorded.

“This innovative technology is a natural partner to Blockchain technology, an immutable digital ledger that records transactions in a public or private peer-to-peer network,” said IBM.

The verifier possesses a neural network and video analytics which assist in recognising the optical characterics of a substance, liquid, or object by analysing its physical makeup and appearance.

IBM senior vice president of global industries, solutions and Blockchain Bridget van Kralingen said Blockchain could enable companies to seize new untapped economic opportunities.

IBM’s verifier has already been adopted by the Gemological Institute of America to help them evaluate and grade diamonds.

IBM has been integrating Blockchain into emerging projects with the recent collaborations with Veridium Labs and Maersk.

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