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BlockchainCan is a website that aims to showcase use cases of blockchain technology.

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We are a free resource to provide those who are interested in blockchain technology with readable use cases related to blockchain application in various areas. We keep paying attention to the newest update on blockchain technology, collecting information from news, research papers and other resources in order to allow readers to better learn about this powerful technology.

What is Blockchain

A Blockchain is a decentralised database, register or ledger containing a record of data or the chain of transactions (such as exchanges or transfers of Bitcoins) which is updated and shared instantaneously across a network of participants. There is no central monetary authority or government support for, regulation of or control of the database/ledger.

The objective of a Blockchain ledger is that it provides a transparent and permanent ledger (or register) of the chain of transactions in respect of a “digital token” and this ledger is anticipated not to be capable of alteration. As such, the ledger contains an accurate record of every transaction in respect of the relevant digital token or digital asset ever executed on the specific Blockchain.

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What is Bitcoin Blockchain

The Bitcoin blockchain is one application of blockchain technology. It is underpinned by a peer-to-peer computer network made up of various users’ computers and provides a decentralised ledger of transactions or transfers of Bitcoins.Bitcoin is often referred to as a form of cryptocurrency or digital currency because it exists purely in an electronic form.

The Bitcoin blockchain uses cryptography for the purpose of regulating the creation of new Bitcoins and verifying their validity, with the objective of facilitating an effective and secure ledger to record the transfer/exchange transactions of Bitcoins online. As stated, Bitcoins are not issued by a central authority but generated according to a predefined and publically known protocol – a Bitcoin has no intrinsic value of itself, its value reflects public confidence and the number of Bitcoins in circulation.

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